The RESQROLL® Emergency Extrication System is a simple and effective immobilisation and Emergency extrication device for rapid safe removal of RTC (road traffic collision) victims through the side door and from confined spaces. The components of the system minimise excess movement of the head and neck of the victim during extrication. This allows for quicker transfer of time critical casualties to definitive care.

The RESQROLL® Emergency Extrication System is a three component CE marked medical device consisting of Neck Support, Adult Lift and Knee Lift (which can be used for children or small adults). Using the three components together casualties can be lifted from a vehicle.

The RESQROLL® Emergency Extrication System can be used by medical and rescue teams at the site of a road traffic collision to rapidly remove seriously injured patients who may also have potential spinal injuries without causing further damage to the spine. It will also attempt to reduce the on scene time, and reach hospital earlier.

    1. Support head and secure the RESQROLL® Neck Support
    1. Place the RESQROLL® Adult Lift over the head; cross over chest; thread under arms; bring upwards and twist ready to lift
  1. Pass RESQROLL® Knee Lift under knees and twist ready to lift
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