VAR Vortran automatisch disposable beademingstoestel (vroeger Sure Vent 2)

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The GO2Vent® (Gas Operated Ventilator) is the newest version of the VORTRAN Medical single-patient-use, disposable resuscitator. It provides hands-free ventilator support for both breathing and non-breathing patients via a secure airway using a continuous gas source.

New Easy Set-Up labelling – allows for ease of use when setting up on a patient.
New Manometer – now certified MRI Conditional, perfect for MRI/CT, transport and disaster preparedness
New Entrainment Controls – Quick change entrainment allows for changing from 50% to 100% FiO2 during operation.
An additional advantage of the GO2Vent® device is that it does not interfere with MRI and CT scans and uses new copper entrainment springs to remove any chance of artefacts in the scan. The GO2Vent® device also features new entrainment controls to allow for easy changes from 100% to 50% oxygen consumption. Finally, there is now a simple three-step process detailed on every unit making it as easy as 1,2,3.

The GO2Vent® is a constant flow, pressure cycled device designed to provide proper tidal volume, airway pressure and the respiratory rate which are critical components of emergency ventilation and resuscitation. The GO2Vent® device can be operated on a compressor, oxygen or air with a minimum of 10 Litres per minute flow rates. As it does not require the use of electricity or batteries, it is an ideal backup ventilator for the management of difficult situations such as mass casualties, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, major power cuts and is the perfect solution for transportation needs whether in or out of the hospital.

The advantage of the GO2Vent®, as compared to manual resuscitators, is its ability to deliver consistent and reliable hands-free resuscitation. Manual resuscitators, such as BVM’s, may have adverse effects on patients as a result of inconsistent ventilation and undesired levels of Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP). The GO2Vent® provides consistent and more efficient ventilation than a BVM and is a force multiplier, allowing the person who would normally be operating the BVM to provide other necessary care to the patient.

The GO2Vent® is precise in its ventilation delivery and provides a level of safety not found when using a BVM. It can also be used during transport without interrupting ventilatory efforts to the patient. Unlike the BVM, the GO2Vent® allows measurements such as tidal volume, rate, and pressure to be adjusted to the needs of each patient. If used with a mask, the GO2Vent® allows the use of both hands to properly affix the mask with a good seal to the patient’s face and maintain a proper clear airway with continuous ventilation and optimal gas exchange.

Clinical Advantages:

Provides consistent, more efficient ventilation than a BVM
Control of delivered volume or pressure
Control of delivered rate
Ability to administer PEEP
Reduce hyperinflation, barotrauma
minimalise aerophagia and aspiration
Control over oxygen and carbon dioxide levels
Lung auscultation can be performed for air entry for ETT position or assessment
Operational Advantages:

Reduces personnel requirements, no one needs to bag the patient
Improves the quality of care and reduces risk to the patient
Reduced chance of extubation
Uninterrupted ventilations during movement
Safer ventilation
Lessen the risk of vomiting and aspiration
Minimal training and expertise to ventilate patients
Can be used for ETT and Face Mask ventilation
The disposable device, no cleaning or sterilising, maintenance or servicing

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VAR Vortran automatisch disposable beademingstoestel (vroeger Sure Vent 2)

175,00 excl. BTW
Aantal Discount (%) Prijs
1 - 2 175,00
3+ 14.29 % 150,00

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